Edward Petrenko


A musical app featuring a changeable, dynamic keyboard and simple chord progression backing tracks.

Built using Meteor, jQuery, Materialize.css, the Web Audio API, Jade and Stylus.

A group project, Note-Pad features the estimable programming talents of Alex Wilmer and Patrick Jones.



A mapping app that displays all government-registered polluters near any point in Canada.

Developed in 48 hours as part of the Canadian Open Data Exchange hackathon.

Built using Google Maps, jQuery and Bootstrap.

A group project, Pollute-Watch features the estimable programming talents of Max Hartshorn and Rafik Matta.


Mayor's Quest

A remake of the Atari classic Boulderdash, in which you help The Mayor acquire crack and avoid streetcars.

Originally written in Java, later ported over to Javascript.

"White Lines" by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five lovingly ripped off using FL Studio.


A drag-and-drop sock-matching game - because what's more fun than matching socks?

Incorporates some wonky SVG programming, as per the strictures of the Ryerson assignment it was originally made for.

Photo by Seattle Municipal Archives / CC BY 2.0